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DirectAdmin Hosting Control Panel

DirectAdmin is a server management control panel software typically used when the server is used for a web hosting. The main features of DirectAdmin allows easy management of the web server itself, MySQL databases, domains and DNS records, e-mail and FTP accounts. It provides 3 levels of user access - admin, reseller and user. Each higher access level includes the lower ones - the admin is having reseller and user capabilities, and the reseller is having user capabilities as well. The Admin role controls the server configuration. The Reseller can define web hosting packages and their parameters (disk and bandwidth quotas, feature availability, etc.) and can manage Users. Even the User level is the lowest one, it's the most important as it controls the actual aspects of the web hosting, allowing management of the domains and DNS records, uploading files to the web server, controlling FTP and e-mail accounts, accessing the webmail, and much more.

DirectAdmin requires minimal OS installation since it compiles and installs its own custom build copies of all the software required. It's highly configurable and with a very good security model. New plugins and skins can be easily developed in order to extend its functionality. It is compatible with recent Fedore, Debian and CentOS distributions having both 32 and 64 bit versions. Can be also installed over FreeBSD.

SitesTen LLC recommends using DirectAdmin with each VPS and dedicated server that is going to be used to host one or more websites, e-mail, FTP or DNS server. We recommend DirectAdmin over cPanel as we believe DirectAdmin is the better software offering more flexibility with better security. With a DirectAdmin webhosting you add great value to your website experiencing easy management of your server or hosting account.

DirectAdmin requires as low as 512 MB of RAM but and is suitable to be installed both on a VPS or dedicated server. For a high-demand website 1 GB or more RAM is recommended.

SitesTen LLC offers DirectAdmin licenses for just $6 per month with each VPS purchase.

DirectAdmin webhosting panel

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