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News: SitesTen LLC now accept Bitcoin (BTC/XTC) and Zcash (ZEC) payments

Published: 04/19/2017 Back

We're glad to announce that we now accept crypto currency payments. We choose Bitcoin as the most used one and Zcash as a digital currency we believe is having high potential due to its additional privacy layer. While we consider this support as experimental and we're hardly working to improve it, you shall be assured that the funds you deposited using crypto currencies are safe. In order to make a payment you need to send us BTC/ZEC equal or higher than the amount specified in your invoice. Any excessive amount will be credited under your account and can be used for future payments. Crypto currencies are accepted with any services of ours - from DirectAdmin based shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

In order to access the new payment methods, open an invoice awaiting payment and choose the desired payment method. You'll be presented with information about the digital address to which you'll have to send the requested amount. All the payments are processed manually and we advice you to send us the related transaction ID by opening a support ticket.

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