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News: CDN Powered Web Hosting Services

Published: 01/28/2014 Back

Now each SitesTen's shared and reseller hosting account benefits of an integrated feature to use our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free. Each hosting account includes CDN traffic based on the account type as follows:

  • Shared Hosting Earth - 10 GB Normal Traffic - 1 GB CDN Traffic

  • Shared Hosting Water - 100 GB Normal Traffic - 2 GB CDN Traffic

  • Shared Hosting Air - 400 GB Normal Traffic - 5 GB CDN Traffic

  • Shared Hosting Fire - 1.2 TB Normal Traffic - 10 GB CDN Traffic

See our Web Hosting plans.

  • Reseller Hosting Earth - 200 GB Normal Traffic - 5 GB CDN Traffic

  • Reseller Hosting Water - 500 GB Normal Traffic - 20 GB CDN Traffic

  • Reseller Hosting Air - 1 TB Normal Traffic - 50 GB CDN Traffic

  • Reseller Hosting Fire - 3 TB Normal Traffic - 100 GB CDN Traffic

See our Reseller Hosting plans.

Extra CDN traffic can be purchased from our website on demand.

CDN can be used to store static files - images, client side scripts, flash animations, PDF documents, downloadable contents, etc. By utilizing a CDN your files will be accessed as fast as possible no matter where the user accessing your website is located. The Content Delivery Network consist of many geographically separated servers each holding a copy of your data. When a website user attempts to access a file of yours, the CDN will automatically provide the file through the server closer to that user. That makes your website loading time shorter, improving the general user experience. In addition this will make your website search engine friendly as the search engines rates higher websites that loads faster.

How to use our CDN service?
As you're an existing customer, simply upload the files you want to access through the CDN at the cdn directory you will find under your home folder. You can use either an FTP client or the File Manager available through your control panel. Once you upload your files, wait 1-5 minutes so your files can be synchronized with our CDN servers. Now look for the yellow "Content Delivery Network" link at the bottom right part of your control panel. When the synchronization of the uploaded files is completed, you'll see a list of them at this screen. You can use the provided links and update your website to utilize CDN optimized traffic by replacing the URLs of your static contents.

Each content link starts with http://cdn.sitesten.com - our domain for CDN resoures. In case you prefer to use your own domain name you have to add a new CNAME NS record from your control panel as:
cdn.yourdomain.ext. CNAME cdn.sitesten.com.

Note the dots (.) at the end of both domains are required in order the NS record to function properly.

If you have any questions how to use and benefit of our CDN feature, don't hesitate to submit a support ticket.

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