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News: A New Unmetered Dedicated Server EX1 Now Available

Published: 12/19/2013 Back

A brand new dedicated server is now available for purchase named EX1. The server is equipped with a Xeon W3520 processor, 24 GB RAM and a single 2 TB hard drive. In order to achieve a better price the server features some limitations. It is restricted to a single IP address and 100 Mbps connection with a 5 TB monthly traffic limit. Once the monthly limit is reached the connection is reduced at 10 Mbps. No additional charges apply. The new EX1 does not support IPMI/KVM over IP.

The best selling through 2013 Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron dedicated servers are now named AX1 and AO1. For unlocked features consider using either AX1 or AO1 server configurations.

To make an order for our unmetered dedicated server EX1 visit http://www.sitesten.com/cart/dedicated-servers/.

SitesTen LLC is planning to enrich its dedicated server product line during 2014.

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