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News: Provisioning Currently Ordered Dedicated Servers

Published: 08/29/2013 Back

SitesTen apologises to its customers about the delay provisioning currently ordered dedicated servers. We already have the requested servers in stock. All the current orders will be finalized until the end of the week as follows:
- Servers ordered at 08/24/2013 (Saturday) and 08/25/2013 (Sunday) will be ready at 08/29/2013 (Thursday)
- Servers ordered at 08/26/2013 (Monday) and 08/27/2013 (Tuesday) will be ready at 08/30/2013 (Friday) or earlier
- Servers ordered at 08/28/2013 (Wednesday) will be ready at 08/30/2013 (Saturday) or earlier

All the new orders will be completed within 48 hours upon ordering. We expect this period to be corrected back to 24 hours soon. Please accept our apologises once again.

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