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News: Review SitesTen's Web Hosting, Get up to 8 Free Months, Win a Free Web Hosting for Life

Published: 08/13/2012 Back

SitesTen is looking for reviewers for its web hosting services. Both existing and new customers may apply.

To be able to apply you must have an existing domain name or register a new one with SitesTen. Accounts that are not linked with a domain or sub-domain for more than 3 days will be cancelled. A customer may apply for a free account only once.

New customers must register at http://www.SitesTen.com/cart/web-hosting/ for an Earth Hosting plan and apply the promotional code STREVIEW when asked using monthly billing cycle. This will grant you 1 free month. This period should be enough for you to have a real impression about SitesTen's web hosting services.

Once you feel confident you may start writing your review. We need real reviews based on your real experience with SitesTen, so try to be objective. Write all the good and bad impressions you may have. Be as detailed as possible. Finally submit your review by creating a sales ticket at http://www.sitesten.com/tickets/new/. The writers which reviews comply these requirements will receive 3 additional free months and their account will be automatically upgraded to Water Hosting.

Publish an already accepted review with a link to SitesTen's web hosting page at your own blog or web site, at a web hosting directory, at a community forum you are a member, at Facebook or any other social media network, or wherever else you may find it appropriate. Submit a sales ticket and you will receive 4 additional free months and your account will be upgraded to Air Hosting plan. You must ensure your review will not be removed during that period, so you may want to submit it at several places.

At the end, the very best review writers and web site owners that keep their review on their own web site with a link to SitesTen may win a permanent free web hosting service. All the other participants may want to continue their subscription as a paid service by choosing any of the hosting plans provided by SitesTen.

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