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News: Servers Upgrade Completed - Free RAM Upgrade for all Existing VPS Customers

Published: 03/20/2013 Back

We finalized the upgrade process. All the servers of ours are now using 1 Gbps Internet uplink. This should benefit both the shared hosting, resellers and the VPS users. Although the VPS servers are capped to 100 Mbps they should expect speed improvement as well, since the host machine connection of 1 Gbps is shared between all the VPS guests.

In addition we upgraded our VPS plans doubling the RAM memory. The VPS prices were slightly increased but this will not affect any existing customers. All the existing VPS customers will receive double RAM upgrade at no additional charge.

We already sent information about any IP changes required. If you have problems with the newly allocated IP, please contact our support through the ticketing system.

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