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SitesTen LLC now accept Bitcoin (BTC/XTC) and Zcash (ZEC) payments

Published: 04/19/2017

We're glad to announce that we now accept crypto currency payments. We choose Bitcoin as the most used one and Zcash as a digital currency we believe is having high potential due to its additional privacy layer. While we consider this support as experimental and we're hardly working to improve it, ...

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Shared Hosting Maintenance

Published: 08/28/2015

We're currently performing general maintenance of our European based shared hosting nodes. Users may experience temporary website downtime during the maintenance period. All the services will be recovered back to normal once the intervention is complete. During the maintenance we're planning to ...

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GHOST Vulnerability

Published: 01/27/2015

A vulnerability has recently been disclosed in the GNU C Library (glibc) which affects all systems running CentOS 5 - 7, and Debian 7 "Wheezy." This vulnerability is serious and may allow a remote user to trick your server into running code with the privilege level of a service like web or ...

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Terms of Service Update

Published: 11/08/2014

SitesTen LLC Terms of Service document has been updated. Each customer reserves the right to cancel the service he's using if he does not agree the new TOS, otherwise SitesTen LLC will assume the customer accepted the updated terms provided. The new TOS update contains information regarding DMCA ...

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Emergency Maintenance

Published: 08/09/2014

Due to an emergency matter we have to quickly move some of our US based services to a new data center. This requires changing the IP address associated with the services some customers are currently using. During the migration customer services may become unavailable. Once the migration is ...

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Heartbleed Bug - OpenSSL Security Vulnerability Measures

Published: 04/12/2014

You may heard about an OpenSSL bug Heartbleed affecting the Internet that have an impact of 2/3 of the companies worldwide. Heartbleed bug affects the OpenSSL library used by almost any online business to privately transfer data between the servers. We want to let you know that SitesTen LLC took ...

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CDN Powered Web Hosting Services

Published: 01/28/2014

Now each SitesTen's shared and reseller hosting account benefits of an integrated feature to use our Content Delivery Network (CDN) for free. Each hosting account includes CDN traffic based on the account type as follows: Shared Hosting Earth - 10 GB Normal Traffic - 1 GB CDN Traffic Shared ...

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Unmetered Virtual Private Server Hosting

Published: 12/30/2013

SitesTen customers now benefits of unmetered bandwidth with each VPS package. Both existing and new customers now benefits of this new service. Each VPS from SitesTen typically utilizes a 100 Mbps connection. When your VPS reaches its monthly bandwidth limit it will automatically switch to ...

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SitesTen LLC Is Now Using An Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Published: 12/25/2013

In order to improve the security of our website and gain additional trust with our customers SitesTen LLC is now using an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. The EV SSL certificate improves the security of your account when accessing our Client Area, ordering a service or contacting us by Live ...

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Shared Hosting Server Maintenance

Published: 12/21/2013

SitesTen's engineers performed a server maintenance to its shared hosting servers. The maintenance was required in order to improve the file system performance and stability. Even no customer impact was expected, we've been reported by a couple of customers about problems with their websites. Those ...

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A New Unmetered Dedicated Server EX1 Now Available

Published: 12/19/2013

A brand new dedicated server is now available for purchase named EX1. The server is equipped with a Xeon W3520 processor, 24 GB RAM and a single 2 TB hard drive. In order to achieve a better price the server features some limitations. It is restricted to a single IP address and 100 Mbps connection ...

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2CO Payments No Longer Accepted

Published: 10/29/2013

Due to recent large number of fraudulent transactions, we suspended the possibility payments to be made through 2CO due to their bad fraud verification and large chargeback fees. Currently payments can be made through PayPal. We're working on providing alternative payments methods.

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Los Angeles Data Centre Maintenance

Published: 10/17/2013

In order to improve the performance of our services we did a maintenance at our USA data centre. It required all the VPS servers to be shutdown. All the services located at USA, Los Angeles was offline during the maintenance period which was completed in about 20 minutes. We apologize about the ...

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Domain Name Pricing

Published: 10/04/2013

Starting from 10/04/2013 we changed our domain name prices. The lowest domain name price is now $14.95. WHOIS privacy protection is now charged $9.95. Existing customers should not be affected. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a support ticket.

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Provisioning Currently Ordered Dedicated Servers

Published: 08/29/2013

SitesTen apologises to its customers about the delay provisioning currently ordered dedicated servers. We already have the requested servers in stock. All the current orders will be finalized until the end of the week as follows: - Servers ordered at 08/24/2013 (Saturday) and 08/25/2013 (Sunday) ...

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Nameservers Update

Published: 08/28/2013

SitesTen is upgrading its name servers in order to provide better response time to the services that depends on them. The upgrade process is almost finished, and there should be no any customer impact. Customers that may need to update their DNS settings will be notified accordingly through ...

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Database Servers Planned Maintenance

Published: 08/27/2013

There will be a planned maintenance of the shared hosting database servers at 08/28/2013. The maintenance will start at 06:00 PM EDT and should be completed in about 10-15 minutes. We expect minimal or no impact to the services related with it.

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Dedicated Servers Are Now Available

Published: 08/07/2013

SitesTen is glad to announce that we're now selling dedicated servers. SitesTen servers are using only high performance Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors. Each server is equipped with powerful enterprise hardware and two large hard drives that can be easily configured in a software RAID for ...

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Shared Hosting Servers Maintenance (Database)

Published: 06/11/2013

Recently we found a performance issue with our shared web hosting servers. In order to improve the performance we did a server maintenance affecting MySQL databases. This caused all the databases to be down for around 10-15 minutes. The issue is now solved and all the services fully operational. If ...

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MetaTrader Console Will Be Available Soon

Published: 05/07/2013

SitesTen is setting up "MetaTrader Console" - special VPS plans for Forex trading preinstalled with Linux, VNC server (for easy remote access) and MetaTrader 4 or 5. The MetaTrader Console will allow running up your Forex trading platform under a fast, uninterruptable environment, utilizing a fast ...

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New Shared/Reseller Web Hosting Location Now Available - USA, Los Angeles

Published: 04/22/2013

SitesTen is glad to announce that we're now accepting Shared and Reseller Web Hosting orders for our new server location at the USA, Los Angeles. The new location allows hosting adult contents and benefits the same fast, not overloaded servers as the ones used in Europe. There is no price ...

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Terms of Service Updated to Revision 4

Published: 04/21/2013

SitesTen Terms of Service are updated. The customer reserves the right to cancel the service if he does not agree the new TOS, otherwise SitesTen will assume the customer accepted the new terms provided. The new TOS update contains the following modifications: - TOS changes will be announced at ...

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New VPS Location is Now Available - USA, Los Angeles

Published: 04/19/2013

SitesTen is glad to announce that we're now accepting VPS orders for our new server location at the USA, Los Angeles. The new location allows hosting adult contents and benefits the same fast, not overloaded servers as the ones used in Europe. There is no price difference between the server ...

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DDoS Attack Over

Published: 04/18/2013

Last night we experienced a heavy network attack. Our team was working hardly to suppress the effects of the attack. Right now all the services are back to normal. If you continue experiencing any problems with the services you have, please contact our support team.

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Technical Difficulties

Published: 04/18/2013

We were experiencing technical difficulties as we lost connectivity for awhile in our data center. The issue is already identified and resolved. All the services will be restored in a short time. The hosting services should be resumed automatically. All the VPS servers will be restarted. We're ...

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SitesTen Will Soon Offer Dedicated Servers

Published: 04/15/2013

SitesTen is planning to offer dedicated servers at three levels of management - unmanaged, basic managed, and fully managed. There is still no final date announced about the new product line of dedicated servers.

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New Server Location Under Setup - USA, Los Angeles

Published: 04/15/2013

SitesTen is currently setting up a new server location at USA, Los Angeles. Both server locations (EU/US) will be available to be chosen during the ordering process. Any existing customer that would like to use the new servers will be able to submit a support ticket, and the account migration will ...

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SitesTen Website Redesigned

Published: 04/08/2013

SitesTen's web site was redesigned, and will be once again. The new design is actually pretty nice and neat, but it's a bit strict and is not following our product line. So we're going to redesign it once again to future more of the Elements product line, so you can really feel the their power, and ...

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SitesTen Now Accepts Secure Payments Through 2CO Gateway

Published: 04/04/2013

We're glad to announce that SitesTen now accepts secure credit card payments through the 2Checkout gateway. Customers that are using 2CO gateway are able to review their orders and invoices at http://www.2co.com . We're working hard to make our web hosting services even better and support even ...

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SitesTen Facebook Page Updated

Published: 03/27/2013

We updated our facebook page and we published all the recent articles related with SitesTen Web Hosting Services. From now on we're going to do it on a regular basis. You'll find a like link at the bottom of our website pages. Please 'like" it so we can provide you even better services. ...

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DKIM Keys Updated

Published: 03/26/2013

To improve your mail server security, all customers DKIM keys were updated from 768 bits to 2048 bits. Related TXT x._domainkey DNS records are automatically updated with the new public keys.

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Client Portal Maintenance

Published: 03/25/2013

We performed a maintenance of our main web site and its client area. This caused both of them to be unavailable for about two hours. This maintenance should not affect any customer web site availability.

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SitesTen Online CSR Generator

Published: 03/22/2013

SitesTen development team created a simple online utility that may help you generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The generated CSR can be used to purchase an SSL certificate directly from us or from a third party and can be accessed at: https://www.sitesten.com/csr/csr.php

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Servers Upgrade Completed - Free RAM Upgrade for all Existing VPS Customers

Published: 03/20/2013

We finalized the upgrade process. All the servers of ours are now using 1 Gbps Internet uplink. This should benefit both the shared hosting, resellers and the VPS users. Although the VPS servers are capped to 100 Mbps they should expect speed improvement as well, since the host machine connection ...

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Scheduled Maintenance 2

Published: 03/19/2013

The maintenance planned for 03/19/2013 will be done on 03/20/2013. All the customers will be notified by e-mail about any changes done.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Published: 03/18/2013

We're conducting a scheduled maintenance today 03/19/2013 in order to upgrade our servers uplink to 1 Gbps. The maintenance requires the currently used IPv4 subnets to be reallocated. All the customers will receive new IPv4 addresses. The VPS users should expect a server restart. We expect a ...

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Superfast Web Hosting with Varnish Cache

Published: 01/17/2013

SitesTen is now using Varnish cache to provide superfast shared web hosting services. All the current customers will notice a significant performance improvement opening their web sites. In addition we upgraded PHP to version 5.3. If you have any questions or problems because of the upgrade, submit ...

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Reseller Packages

Published: 12/20/2012

SitesTen now offers Reseller Web Hosting Packages allowing creation of sub-accounts, and providing a better flexibility and control to all your customers. Using DirectAdmin control panel the account management is an easy task for you. Details about reseller packages parameters can be seen at: ...

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Live Chat

Published: 12/20/2012

SitesTen now supports Live Chat. Our agents are ready to answer all your questions immediately. You can access the Live Chat through the floating button at the left side of our web site.

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Best PHP Obfuscator Promo

Published: 12/14/2012

SitesTen is now partnering with Pipsomania Co to give you the famous desktop version of Best PHP Obfuscator for FREE. In addition you'll receive 2 months free Web Hosting plus a free Domain Name. In order to qualify for a free license of Best PHP Obfuscator you should meet the following ...

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Web Hosting Control Panel Interface Redesigned

Published: 09/13/2012

SitesTen updated its web hosting control panel design with a better, user friendly interface. We believe that it will make easier for the customers to navigate and operate their hosting packages. If you find any issues with it, please submit a support ticket. We now also support unsecured ...

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New VPS Packages

Published: 09/03/2012

New Virtual Private Server packages are now available to support SitesTen's new business line named: VPS Earth, VPS Water, VPS, Air, and VPS Fire. cPanel or DirectAdmin can be ordered at additional cost. We use only fully virtualized KVM guests and dedicated RAM resources with guaranteed 20% of CPU ...

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New Web Hosting Packages

Published: 08/15/2012

SitesTen created 4 new web hosting packages to fully replace the existing ones. We believe those new packages are more flexible and covers quite a broad range of user needs. The new packages are named Earth, Water, Air and Fire as the four nature elements and differs mainly by disk space and ...

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IP Maintenance and Relocation

Published: 08/14/2012

We performed an IP maintenance to optimize our IP allocation. This required all the customers of server ayane to be moved on IP All the affected domains were automatically updated, and the affected web sites were accessible temporary using both IP addresses to ensure there is no web ...

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Review SitesTen's Web Hosting, Get up to 8 Free Months, Win a Free Web Hosting for Life

Published: 08/13/2012

SitesTen is looking for reviewers for its web hosting services. Both existing and new customers may apply. To be able to apply you must have an existing domain name or register a new one with SitesTen. Accounts that are not linked with a domain or sub-domain for more than 3 days will be ...

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DKIM E-Mail Signatures

Published: 08/11/2012

We properly implemented DKIM E-Mail signatures on our SMTP servers. All the domains that are using our name servers were updated automatically to properly use DKIM identifiers. DKIM signatures helps your e-mails not to be recognized as SPAM by GMail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

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