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With any web hosting, reseller or VPS account you purchase from us, you receive a fully managed service. Whenever you need help setting up any aspect of it, we're here to help you at no additional charge.

In case you ordered your hosting service with another service provider but still want to use our management services you may find a variety of services we offer for a one time fee.


How does it work?

When you request a management service, you have to provide us with your login credentials in order our team to be able to perform the necessary job. Typically the job is performed within the next 24-48 hours since the payment is received. In addition you'll receive 7 days of free support (since the payment is received) where you can clarify with us any additional settings that we should do regarding the service requested. For example, you paid for OS Installation where we setup your IP and hostname. 4 days later you decided that you need to change the server IP, but you don't know how to do so. As you're within the included support period we'll do the job for you at no additional cost.

If the task you want to perform is not listed, you may request "Server Adminisration and Configuration" that's paid per man hours. If you pre-purchase more hours than needed you'll be able to either use them in future or to convert them as credits. Credits can be later used to purchase any services from SitesTen.

Product/Service Order
Operating System Installation

The service include:

Basic installation of the Operating System (Linux or Windows)

  • Installing the Operating System and configuring the boot loader
  • Configuring the File System
  • Installing Base Packages
  • Configuring the Network IP/Hostname
  • Configuring Remote Access (SSH, Remote Desktop)
  • Setting up the Firewall to allow Remote Access
$19.95 USD Once
DirectAdmin Installation

The service includes:

  • Clean Operating System Installation
  • DirectAdmin Installation and Licensing (The License Must be Purchased Separately)
  • Basic DA Configuration (Setting server IP and configuring a single domain)

Note that we need to perform the OS Installation ourselves, since DA requires a clean OS. Any already installed packages may interfere with a normal DA installation and may cause problems.

$24.95 USD Once
Server Administration and Configuration (1 Hour)
$24.95 USD Once
Server Administration and Configuration (3 Hours)
$73.95 USD Once
Server Administration and Configuration (5 Hours)
$119.95 USD Once
Server Administration and Configuration (8 Hours)
$189.95 USD Once
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