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SitesTen® Virtual Private Servers

Blazing Fast, SSD Enabled, Fully Virtualized VPS Services at a Great Price

SitesTen LLC provides wide range of unmetered VPS services suitable for everyone's needs. Fully virtualized KVM based architecture allows installing almost any operating system. Our servers are using only high performance Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors and RAID disk storage for data redundancy.

Unmetered VPS - No bandwidth caps, no additional fees.
Blazing fast SSD drives.
CPU cores with guaranteed 20% of CPU time, burstable to 100%.
Dedicated RAM memory.
100 Mbps network bandwidth (up to 1 Gbit adjustable).
KVM based fully virtualized guests.
One dedicated IP address allocated instantly through DHCP.
Server locations: Europe or United States.
Custom installation images supported.
Full remote access through an integrated browser based VNC client.
30 days moneyback guarantee.
Adult hosting allowed.

SitesTen® V10S

$14.95 USD

SitesTen® V20S

$19.95 USD

SitesTen® V40S

$39.95 USD

SitesTen® V60S

$59.95 USD

SitesTen® V80S

$79.95 USD

SitesTen® V120S

$119.00 USD

SitesTen® V160S

$159.00 USD




CPU Cores


Disk Size [GB]

Total price:

$14.95 USD

Additional Options

OS Template
Port Speed [Mbps]
Cloud Location
Control Panel * None
DirectAdmin ( $8.00 USD Monthly )
cPanel/WHM ( $20.00 USD Monthly )

Order Summary

Description Price
Virtual Private Servers - SitesTen® V10S $14.95 USD
RAM [MB]: 1024 Free
CPU Cores: 1 Free
OS Template Debian 8 Free
Disk Size [GB]: 10 Free
Port Speed [Mbps] 100 Mbps Free
Cloud Location USA Free
Control Panel None Free
Total Recurring:
$14.95 USD Monthly
Total Due Today:

$14.95 USD

Client Information

Notes / Additional Information

Why you should choose our unmetered VPS services?

Have you been using shared web hosting for quite some time now? Do you feel that you have outgrown shared webhosting? Do you need more space to host your website or you want your web pages to load quickly and easily? You should consider using Dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a web hosting solution that offers the features and benefits of a dedicated server hosting at a lower price closer to that of a shared web hosting. It is considered to be the ideal web hosting solution for small and mid sized businesses that are expanding and need superior web hosting features to make the most of their online presence.

Virtual Private Servers promise enhanced security, greater control over one's website, superior uptime, quick uploading, and more disk space and bandwidth. All this and much more is available at almost the same price that is charged for shared web hosting. Businesses that wish to avail dedicated server webhosting packages but can't afford to pay for it usually opt for VPS hosting.

What can you do with a VPS?

A VPS can be used for many things.

You can use not only for running a website but also as a private DNS and mail server or you can run any custom software application. If you already have a server software that have special requirements and cannot be installed on a regular shared web hosting, and you need to have it exposed at the Internet (through a website, web service or using a custom interface) so it can be accessed by particular business entities, organizations, or companies, you can make use of virtual private server hosting.

You can use it for owning and managing your Virtual Private Network. Virtual Private Network is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, mainly the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network.

You can use a VPS for your mail exchange needs. Virtual Private Servers can support all sorts of messaging systems, e-mail servers, and groupware applications. You can even install VoIP gateways on a VPS.

If you are interested in reselling shared hosting a VPS is a great choice as you gain full control over it. If this is the case, you may consider purchasing a DirectAdmin or cPanel license with it. If you are looking for lightweight game server even then you can use virtual private server hosting. The possibilities provided by a Virtual Private Server are limited only by your imagination.

Why use SitesTen LLC's Virtual Private Servers?

If you are interested in VPS hosting, SitesTen LLC virtual private servers are really good choice. Our Virtual Private Servers are fast, KVM based, and fully virtualized. In addition, we provide our unmetered VPS hosting services at a great price.

Moreover, as SitesTen utilizes full KVM virtualization, you're gaining full control and are able to do advanced network settings like tunnelling, VPN, etc. In addition full KVM virtualization allows installing almost any operating system. Most of the our competitors in order to reduce their costs are using OpenVZ technology that runs the VPS in a container sharing the host server kernel. The hosting provider benefits of it as it may run more virtual machines on the same server, but limits you as a end user.

SitesTen provides wide range of VPS services to meet varied web hosting needs and requirements. In addition we offer full VPS management at no additional cost. All the servers at SitesTen are using only high performance Intel Xeon and AMD Opteron processors and RAID disk storage for data redundancy.

Need help to find out the best web hosting solution for your business? Or want to know more about our dedicated virtual private server hosting? Simply submit a support ticket and we would be glad to assist you and help you choose the best hosting package for your website or web service.

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